Kier Legaspi Message For Daughter Dani Barretto Upon Hearing Her Engagement

Here’s Kier Legaspi message for his girl Dani Barretto.

KIER LEGASPI MESSAGE – The dad of Dani Barretto, Kier Legaspi, left a message for his girl in the wake of hearing that she going to get hitched.

As much as anybody is likely mindful of, Dani Barretto is Marjorie’s Daughter with Kier Legaspi. After her commitment with her non-the big time beau, everybody got inquisitive what was her dad’s response to it and their present relationship was likewise inquired Pinoy Tambayan.

Nobody comprehended what’s their present remaining as dad and girl yet in the most recent video blog of Dani, she had the option to uncover that they have not been talking for a long time as of now. She likewise regularly focused on that she was fine living without the individual who have never been with her in any case. He is her dad and that would dependably remain a reality. What’s more, with regards to strolling her down the passageway on her wedding, she is giving all the privilege to her mom to do it on her uncommon day for her. It is on the grounds that her mom was the person who raised her well and turned into the best impact why she is the individual that she is currently Pinoy Tambayan.

After hearing the news about her girl getting hitched soon, here is the message of Kier which contacted various hearts:

Kier Legaspi Reacts To Controversial Revelations of Gretchen Barretto

KIER LEGASPI – Actor Kier Legaspi responded to Gretchen Barretto’s disputable remarks about him, his girl Dani Barretto, and ex-accomplice Marjorie Barretto.

On Dani Barretto’s ongoing video blog, she uncovered that she and her dad Kier Legaspi haven’t been talking for a long time now pinoy lambingan.

She expressed that she was raised by her mom Marjorie Barretto alone. In view of the young woman’s announcements, her auntie Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto got hurt.The previous on-screen character guarded Keir Legaspi to the allegations that he was an awful dad to Dani. She additionally gave negative comments to her niece and sister Marjorie.

On the viral video of Gretchen Barretto, it very well may be seen that she was incensed and baffled that her great deeds and endeavors to Dani and Marjorie were altogether underestimated pinoy lambingan.

Keir Legaspi shared his response on the dubious proclamations on the previous on-screen character on Facebook. The on-screen character took to the internet based life to offer his thanks for Gretchen.

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